254: Chapter 18 “Law Of Attraction”


Mar 29

Haven’t we been talking about the Law of Attraction the whole time? So what is this chapter about, then?

In the introduction to Chapter 18, Charles Haanel says “In order to grow we must obtain what is necessary for our growth. This is brought about through the Law of Attraction.”

Growth happens for all of us, and the opportunities for growth are just as individual and unique as each individual human being. The Law of Attraction knows what we need in order to reach the vision we have for ourselves. Do we accept what it has to offer?

On Today’s Show:

We are back to the The Master Key System!
Differentiated from the whole
Like an ocean wave, each one comes from the same body of ocean but each wave is unique
A movement is afoot
Each person doing “their part”
the value of relationships and the whole
Who wouldn’t follow the laws???
How do we create haven on earth

Have a great week!
Dave & Cary

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