258 – Bringing Heaven To Earth


Apr 28

Mechanic to Millionaire PodcastWhat do you see in the Gaps? A vast Nothingness? or Everything-ness? 

In the “Nothingness,” we find Universal Intelligence, and it is within this space that Magic is made. 🙂

On Today’s Show:

  • Find the “Gap.”
  • The place in your thoughts that are between where you have been and where you are going
  • Undefined and undefiled pure potential
  • Becoming aware so that you can respond rather than react. That is personal growth that will lead to the changing of circumstances
  • Find your “outlet”
  • A miracle is a lack of understanding the operations of the Law
  • We are all being a center of distribution
  • Is your attitude worth catching

Have an AWESOME day!!!


Dave & Cary

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