259 – The Discipline Of Submission


May 12

Once you can recognize that you are a INDIVIDUALIZED part of the Greater Whole, you will begin to see that you have the ability to “control those forms of intelligence which have not yet reached this level of self-recognition…this Universal Intelligence “which” permeates all things is ready to be called into action.” -excerpt from Charles Haanel, week 18

That ability to call the “thinking stuff” into action is a creative power that does not originate in each individual but that flows through the individual through the “magic” of THOUGHT! The person who understands that he or she is a “channel of distribution” of Universal Energy has the power to design his/her life through deliberate thoughts, feelings, and actions.

Exciting stuff!!!!

On Today’s Show:

  • The “Truth will not make you free.” It is to KNOW the truth and then it can make you free if you submit to it.
  • Mathematical precision
  • Being open and teachable
  • Adjustment infers change
  • “The Cry” is “But I don’t get it, I keep doing everything I am suppose to be doing and nothing is  changing.
  • Master the “Art of discipline.”
  • Slowly maintaining mediocrity??
  • Survival on the “lower plane” is sometimes just a step above that of the animal kingdom
  • Brining yourself in harmony with truth and deciding to what level

Have an awesome week!


Dave & Cary

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