265 – Perfectly Imperfect


Jun 27

Mind is static. Matter is ever-changing.

We start with a pursuit, a goal, an end in mind. How we will arrive there is sometimes unknown—it requires an exploration, an ever-evolving course—and because we know the goal, we are free to labor through an uncharted path until we come back to a clearer understanding of what the goal really is. We feel safe in the journey because we are backed by a solid foundation of the principle that is the goal.

This podcast is a perfect example of THAT!! We begin each podcast with a goal in mind, not knowing exactly how our conversation will arrive at that point. In this episode, we begin with what seems to be unclear and even a little confusing, and in the power of the mastermind—both knowing the goal we have in mind—we are able to arrive at a deeper understanding and a level of clarity that comes through in a feeling of ahhhhhhhhhh.

The symbolism of the process comes through in this perfectly imperfect episode. We hope you see and feel both Mind and Matter in action as you listen! Enjoy.

On Today’s Show:

  • “The number one problem in the world is ignorance.” -Bob Proctor
  • It’s not a frustration, its more seeing the answers for someone that may not clearly see what they are themselves
  • Guided discovery
  • Clarity of truth
  • Usurping and domineering
  • Having to be right
  • Pursuit matters
  • And much much more…

Have an awesome life today!



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