266 – Life’s Philosophies


Jul 02

Taking a small detour from Charles Haanel to visit “A Rational Theology” by John A .Widtsoe.

There are pieces of truth all around us. Some pieces are more significant than others, and all truth can (and eventually will) be gathered together into one great whole.

On Today’s Show:

  • Trusting in the 6th sense
  • “Three percenters” will twist things to “their way” while “two percenters” will submit to the universal truth.
  • Great mentors and guides always pass on their philosophy along with their skills
  • The desire is at least to some degree that we all become masters
  • What is hard in the beginning becomes easier and apparent to those that stick it out.
  • Being “saved” from emotional pain
  • and much much more…

Have a great day!


Dave & Cary

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