270 – What Are You Talking About?


Aug 02

True masterminding (at least for us) can seem to be all over the place and like it is going nowhere and everywhere at the same time until FINALLY it reaches a point, and somehow we end up with a greater understanding of the original idea—and perhaps a few other ideas.

That’s kind of what this particular podcast is like…hang on tight!

On Today’s Show:

  • What are you talking about? I don’t know. LOL
  • Just a lot of random things that hopefully make some sense
  • Steam into locomotion took some pretty intense pondering and maybe it is that most great inventions come out of necessity
  • Honing in on the target expands the playing field
  • “Went beyond where we should have gone.” Keeping the main thing the main thing is important and reveals the essential nature of having an intentional worth while goal
  • What could you do if you desire to be a “progressive player” in the world? Do what Leonardo Di Vinci did…
  • And other random stuff that is hopefully relevant

Have a super enjoyable day!


Dave & Cary

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