280 – Red Means Stop


Oct 17

Emotions are a beautiful part of human existence. Emotions help us evaluate the quality of our thoughts. Positive feelings help us to know that our thoughts are constructive and positive. Negative feelings help us to know our thoughts are not in harmony with our core desires or with the Laws of the Universe.

Will Power won’t force the laws to adjust to our thoughts and actions. Rather, learning to put our thoughts, feelings, and actions in alignment with the Laws will lead us to the life we desire.

In this episode, we share some tools that we use to bring our thoughts and feelings back to where we desire them to be whenever we get off track.

On Today’s Show:

  • Gently remind myself “stop”
  • Become like the people we want to be around
  • You will find that you will really start to like yourself
  • The fruit of the spirit is…
  • The guidance of the Holy Spirit is the greatest gift we have in this life
  • Guided into all truth
  • Be ye found in “holy places”
  • One foot on earth and the other in heaven
  • the Law of Assumption is always at work through the imagination except when we are totally in the NOW

Have an awesome week!


Dave & Cary

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