282 – How to go from “Head Knowledge” to “Heart Knowledge”


Nov 09

“Learning without thought is labor lost; though without learning is perilous.”

What did Confucius mean when he said this? We spend a good part of this episode exploring this concept—what is the difference between learning and thinking, and why must they go together?

Our conversation today is all about the whys and the hows of going from “Head Knowledge” to “Heart Knowledge.”

On Today’s Show:

  • Caution: Don’t be afraid of taking 100% responsibility
  • Cary’s “Perfect Example”
  • Gratitude is an expenditure of force and connects you to the source from which good things come.
  • Ever learning but never changing
  • Speaking to a large group and a dream car???
  • Principles and Rules
  • The “Transformation Stage”
  • And a lot more good stuff to think on

Have an awesome week!


Dave & Cary

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