283 – The Hearts Desire


Nov 22

Where your focus goes, that thing grows—even and maybe especially when you pray. Prayer is a conversation—a communication—with God in which there is both giving and receiving. By giving your whole heart and giving your effort, you are prepared to receive the blessing of your desire.

This topic is one of our favorites to talk about! We have so many thoughts around the power of true and effective prayer. We welcome you to this mastermind episode where we let you into our thought processes…are you ready? 😉

On Today’s Show:

  • 1 Million downloads! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
  • M2M has taken on a life in each one of you the listeners and for this we are truly grateful and thankful!
  • “When ye pray….”
  • There is a science behind prayer?
  • God’s modus operandi is the same as it ever has been and ever will be. Have you figured it out yet? Once you do it never changes.
  • Prayer on your knee’s vs. prayer in your heart.  Are they the same?
  • What percentage are willing to take on the responsibility.
  • and more…

Have an awesome day!


Dave & Cary

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