285 – Just Think About It


Dec 04

The first step to tapping into Power is knowing that it exists! Knowing that you can actually choose to access that power to create the life you desire is exciting, AND it introduces the need to take responsibility for your life.

What will you choose to do? Be a victim to your circumstances or take responsibility for the results of our feelings, thoughts, and actions?

“The more conscious we become of our unity with the Universal Mind, the less conscious we shall become of conditions and limitations…We have become FREE!” (adapted from an excerpt from Charles Haanel, The Master Key System).

On Today’s Show:

  • If you really think about it…
  • Once you have created the new paradigm its “kind of” like being in cruise control
  • Working out physically vs working out mentally
  • The point is—ITS WORTH IT!
  • What are your expectations?
  • It’s very easy to not get involved in certain conversations
  • It’s very easy to not hang around certain people
  • What feels like rowing upstream in the beginning becomes downstream in the end

Have an awesome day!


Dave & Cary

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