286: At-One-Ment


Dec 11

There is an infinite world of thought both without and within ourselves that holds an abundant, inexhaustible power. The more we are aware of this power, the more we understand how it works, the more we are able to create our lives on purpose.

This power is more than “just” a medium of creation in the finite way that we understand it. It’s also a source of healing, of understanding, of strength, of wholeness. It’s an At-One-Ment…

On Today’s Show:

  • Ohm’s Law and removing the “R” which represents Resistance
  • The world within
  • A clear conscience leads to a quality of creations in our lives
  • The clearer the conscience the more continuous and powerful the creations
  • What is meant by the phrase “scapegoat?”
  • Have you ever been shocked by electricity or burned by something hot?
  • You have to have a good philosophy on life
  • Believe in, or believe it

Have a great day!


Dave & Cary

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