290 – Looking Back


Jan 24

“Become conscious of a larger world of thought,” and “place yourself in position to accomplish something of value.”  -Charles F. Haanel

Today we look at the difference between abstract and concrete and the power of putting principles to practical use.

It’s not just about knowing; it’s about being!

On Today’s Show:

  • Principle trumps precedence
  • Your past is not who you are and it does not dictate what you can become in your future
  • Do you carry your past with you so you don’t even have to look back
  • People avoid the pain of personal development by continuing to attend the personal development events and never making the changes
  • Deception is a part of the growth process
  • We are all in this together
  • Where is my invest in time, energy and effort best placed?

Have an awesome week!


Dave & Cary

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