317 – Inconclusive


Nov 24

“The conditions with which you meet in the world without are invariably the result of the conditions obtaining in the world within, therefore it follows with scientific accuracy that by holding the perfect ideal in mind you can bring about ideal conditions in your environment.”

– Charles F. Haanel. “The Master Key System.”

On Today’s Show:

  • Most look on the outside for why their life is not working
  • I look only to the inside when my life is not working or can be better
  • Taking 100% responsibility
  • Past does not dictate future and principle trumps precedence
  • Shift your thoughts
  • Holding the ideal in mind
  • Step 1 is drawing contrast
  • Step 2 is asking
  • Step 3 is Receiving
  • and more>>>

Have an awesome day!


Dave & Cary

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